Monday, March 10, 2014

Series Update

Hello everybody, Nicolaitanes Balac here. I just wanted to drop in and tell you what was going on with my series. Yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking. But despite it all, I think the books are more about me. You can think what you like.

Anyhoo, my author is currently revamping the second book in the series The World at War, though I have no clue why she is doing that when she should be writing more about me. Sorry, but I am dying to know what happens to me in the next book. Oh ha ha, very funny. I know that she killed me in the last book, but I'll have you know that she's bringing me back in the third installment of the series. How do I know this? Well, duh look at the title for the 3rd book, The Return of Nicolaitanes, hmm what do you think? Sorry, but I am not at liberty to tell you the reason why she's bringing me back nor about what's going on. You will just have to go to your local bookstore and request that they order you a copy of the series for your reading pleasure. And for all you techies out there you can just use the internet to purchase either an e-book copy of the series or you can get a real book. I'm sure that either way is fine.

The next book about me is not coming out until Winter 2014. So stay tuned and I'll give you news and updates.

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